What can the City can do to address our impact to the environment?

In short, we need to consider how we make our energy and environmental footprint smaller, from lower energy consumed to using less water. We can all do our part, individually and as a City. 

The City can consider tuned incentives to make sure that all residents have an opportunity to benefit from efforts to improve our environment. Increasing rooftop solar, home electric conversion, insulation improvements, efficient appliances, mass transit, turf reduction, etc. I do not have all the answers, but we should invite and listen to people working on this complex problem.

My area, District 1, in particular has a shortage of street trees and instead any rain runs down hard sidewalks to gutters and away. Better rain capture and more street trees would improve our district and our environment.

It may not be not cost effective to run reclaimed water to individual homes, but by using reclaimed water in our neighborhood parks we create public gathering spaces while reducing the incentive for each person to cultivate a private lush lawn.