What can we do about improving public safety?

Public safety can always be improved, but we do need to be aware that broad, instant communication makes us aware of every crime in our town in a way that never happened in the past. Crime is actually lower now than it was in many of the years that people recall from their cherished past. Still, there are things we can do to make Livermore safer.

  • Improve police relationship and interaction with the public.
  • Expand neighborhood watch and community contact.
  • More bicycle patrol for police and volunteer watch. The police should be seen as normal in our neighborhood, not only as indications of trouble.
  • Note that showcase events (Cop on Top, Stuff a Cruiser) are nice, but reach very few people and are mostly for publicity.
  • I support Livermore's fine Police and Fire teams. Let's make sure they are an integrated part of our community.